Gillette Venus, Miranda Kerr invite women to 'Step Up & Step Out'

NEW YORK — Procter & Gamble’s Gillette Venus is teaming up with model Miranda Kerr as she leads the Gillette Venus Step Up & Step Out Tour, a multi-city event to help women look great, feel confident and give back to a good cause.

Kerr kicked off the tour today in New York City as she becomes the first “goddess” to participate in the ultimate Venus experience with her walk down the Venus “blue” carpet. During the events, women will enjoy a shaving experience, try on the latest spring and summer fashions from Rent the Runway and show off their looks on the Venus “blue” carpet, where every step will equal a $1 donation to support Step Up Women’s Network.

Step Up Women’s Network is an organization dedicated to encouraging women and girls to reach their full potential.

The shaving brand is inviting women to step up their summer beauty routine with an onsite skin consultation and a spa-like shaving experience using a Venus Embrace razor and Satin Care Shave Gel, or the Venus & Olay razor. They can then try on leg-baring designer fashions provided by Rent the Runway, a website that enables women to rent designer dresses and accessories for special occasions for a fraction of the retail price. Once the look is complete, each woman will be able to step out onto the Venus “blue” carpet for the full Goddess experience, where a photographer will be snapping professional photos, highlighting her legs. The photos will be posted online at and can be shared and tagged through social networks.
There are two ways women will be able to step out and give back with Venus; for every step taken on the “blue” carpet and for every tweet using #stepup, Venus will donate $1 to Step Up Women’s Network, up to $25,000.

In addition to the event in New York City today, the Venus Step Up & Step Out experience will be held in the following locations: Atlantic Station in Atlanta on June 8; Lincoln Road in Miami on June 11; and The Grove in Los Angeles on June 20.

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