Gillette promotes new Clinical Clear Gel deodorant with 'Pressure Points' Web series

BOSTON — Procter & Gamble’s Gillette is promoting its new Clinical Clear Gel deodorant by partnering with the NFL, and NFL Films to unveil “Pressure Points: Presented by Gillette Deodorant,” an eight-installment web series about three potential 2014 NFL Draft picks — defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, tight end Eric Ebron and quarterback Aaron Murray.

The road to the NFL requires rookies to keep their cool and perform at their best. With their spot in the Draft often coming down to their performance at the Combine, NFL hopefuls must give their all to secure a spot on Draft weekend. The Combine is a four-day showcase widely considered to be one of the “most challenging job interviews ever” that tests players’ physical and mental abilities in a pressure-packed environment. “Pressure Points” gives viewers an inside look at everything the players endure in preparation for the Combine; from the rigorous drills they must perform on the field to the mental toughness they must exhibit in team interviews and mental acuity tests.

“For most prospective players, the Combine will be their most important job interview,” stated Doug Sticksel, associate brand manager for Gillette Personal Care. “If these athletes count on Gillette Clinical Clear Gel to protect them during these physical and mental pressures, guys everywhere can be rest assured that this is will protect them during times when they are expected to perform at their best.”

The new Gillette Clinical Clear Gel deodorant is the first-ever clinical strength, clear gel antiperspirant and is designed to provide tough protection for the toughest sweat. Gillette Clinical Clear Gel is available in Cool Wave and Power Rush scents and goes on clear to provide 48-hour wetness and odor protection, the company stated. Clinical Clear Gel has a suggested retail price of $7.99.

“Pressure Points” will air on and at, with weekly installments posting each Wednesday through March 5. After a brief intermission following the NFL Combine, the miniseries will kick off again in the week leading up to the NFL Draft on May 8, with episodes airing each Wednesday through May 14.


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