Gillette to launch brand's first body razor

CINCINNATI — Procter & Gamble’s Gillette brand is launching in February its first razor designed for male body shaving.

A recent study conducted by Gillette shows that 73% of U.S. men have shaved or trimmed some part of their body before, and 84% of men who currently shave at least one body part say they shave it year round. 
While body shaving is becoming more and more popular, men have largely been navigating without the proper tools, instead experiencing itchiness (50%), nicks and cuts (45%), and not being able to get a close shave (35%), according to Gillette. A close look at male grooming practices shows that difficulty in shaving below the neck often stems from that terrain being very different from the face and neck. While the growth of body shaving has been rapid, men have had limited options. Enter the Gillette Body razor.

The new Gillette Body Razor includes an engineered designed so guys can effortlessly shave below the neck. It has a rounded head cartridge, three lubricating bars, a non-slip grip, and forward-facing pivot head to help it glide comfortably over all body contours. Both system and disposable versions are available.

The Gillette Body Razor has a suggested retail price of $7.97. It will be available in retail stores beginning Feb. 14 and will be enhanced by its two complementary products — Gillette Body Non-Foaming Shave Gel and Gillette Body 2-in-1 Wash & Shave.


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