Giffen releases STD-prevention app

App allows users to "bump" phones of potential partners, voluntarily share STD status

NEW YORK — A new app allows people to share their STD statuses with potential partners.

Giffen Solutions announced the launch of MedXSafe, a new feature to its MedXCom Patient platform. The app allows people to bump phones with a potential partner and exchange contact information as well as their STD status. Giffen emphasized that users choose to share their information and that the app doesn't violate medical confidentiality laws, and only licensed healthcare providers can register to use the MedXCom system.

"In our view, anything that helps the war against STDs is a good idea," MedXCom creator and Giffen chief technical officer Michael Nusbaum said. "There has been a relaxed attitude towards STDs lately as many people think medicine can cure all — it can't."

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