Giant-Landover promotes nutrition for kids

Ahold USA chain revamps Passport to Nutrition

LANDOVER, Md. — Giant Food is revamping a program designed to promote health and wellness among children, the supermarket chain said.

The Ahold USA-owned chain, also known as Giant-Landover to distinguish it from fellow Ahold chain Giant Food Stores of Carlisle, Pa., said it would introduce a newly updated and expanded Passport to Nutrition program to organizations that educate and work with children, including schools, summer camps and scouting groups.

"At Giant, we believe it is part of our responsibility to help customers navigate healthy choices, especially for kids," Giant nutritionist Lisa Coleman said. "We have a long legacy of providing information and helpful programs, from Healthy Ideas to in-store signage, and we're excited to expand Passport to Nutrition as a free resource for our community."

Passport to Nutrition is aimed at children ages 8 years through 12 years and features workbooks and a teacher guide that provide lessons to inspire kids to make small changes in their everyday lives to improve health. Information includes who to build a balanced plate using the Department of Agriculture's MyPlate guidelines and reading food labels and understanding portion sizes.


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