Genesis Today introduces GenEssentials Greens

AUSTIN, Texas — Genesis Today on Tuesday launched its GenEssentials Greens, a concentrated vegan supplement with more than 75 plant-based ingredients.

According to the company, one serving of GenEssentials Greens delivers the phytonutrients of up to five servings of dark leafy green vegetables and 173 other nutrients. The formula delivers more than 25 billion live probiotics per serving, which break down toxins and support a healthy digestive tract.

"This potent, pure and therapeutic formula contains the raw vital nutrients the body needs to maintain a healthy, vigorous life,” Genesis CEO Lindsey Duncan said. "Every single ingredient in this formula directly addresses a specific element of the human body. … Simply mix the Greens with water or juice in the morning, and you're both detoxifying and fortifying."

GenEssentials Greens will be the first of an entire GenEssentials line, which will consist of advanced therapeutic formulas that will deliver a complete, total nutrition program to address every aspect of health and cleansing in the human body, the company stated.

GenEssentials Greens currently are available nationwide at Whole Foods.

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