Genesis Today brings Wake Me, Relax Me to Walmart

AUSTIN, Texas — Genesis Today has introduced two functional beverages exclusively at Walmart.

The company said that its Wake Me and Relax Me drinks are designed to help consumers respectively energize and relax in a healthy way.

Wake Me blends together vitamins and nutrients in a tangerine-orange juice and includes 500% daily value of vitamin B12, theanine, guarana seed and green tea leaf extract.

Relax Me, meanwhile, is a berry tea blend that promotes healthy sleep cycles, lower anxiety levels and overall calmness with melatonin, theanine, tryptophan and other natural compounds. It also contains extract from the montmorency cherry, a natural source of melatonin, Genesis Today said.

"Our Wake Me and Relax Me beverages harness the power of nature to halt this cycle by providing the super-nutrients the body needs to naturally boost energy and rest easily," Genesis Today founder, president and CEO Lindsey Duncan said. "Wake Me and Relax Me are easy additions to your daily routine. We've combined great taste with serious functionality and made it easy, accessible and affordable for everyone to look and feel better from the inside out."

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