Generic manufacturers cease production of Purdue's OxyContin

STAMFORD, Conn. As of Feb. 1, 2008, Teva, Impax Laboratories and Dava Pharmaceuticals have discontinued their distribution and sales of generic versions of Purdue Pharma’s narcotic pain medication OxyContin (called oxycodone hydrogen chloride controlled-release).

On Dec. 31, 2006, Endo Pharmaceuticals also ceased distribution of its generic version of OxyContin. All instances of discontinuation came in relation to the respective companies’ licenses with Purdue.

The licenses granted to Teva, Impax and Endo Pharmaceuticals preceded a decision on Jan. 7, 2008, by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York in which the court ruled that Purdue Pharma had not committed unfair conduct in obtaining its OxyContin patents and that its patents are not unenforceable for that reason.

Purdue will continue to sell and distribute OxyContin Tablets and expects to be able to meet all demand for long-acting oxycodone prescriptions. The last of Purdue’s patents on OxyContin tablets expire in April 2013.

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