GelStat updates SEC filings, positions for future growth

PALM CITY, Fla. — GelStat is primed to grow its OTC remedy business, according to a letter to shareholders and prospective investors released Tuesday. 

The company recently updated historic annual and quarterly reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission, noted Gerald Kieft, Gelstat CEO. "GelStat is now positioned to file a form 10 and become a fully reporting company or file the required documents to become an alternative reporting company on the OTC Markets," he wrote. "Either decision will provide better transparency to the investment community."

Kieft shared with investors that GelStat plans to promote its GelStat Migraine and GelStat Sleep products in the direct-to-consumer channel. In addition, GelStat is on the lookout for acquisitions or the distribution rights to additional healthcare products. 

"We have already made significant progress on a number of the aforementioned objectives and expect to be releasing additional information soon," Kieft concluded. 




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