Game show host Chuck Woolery enters retail pain relief industry

CAMPTON, Ky. — Chuck Woolery, TV personality and game show host, has recently acquired a minority stake in Nature’s Health Connection, Inc., the makers of Australian Dream Arthritis Pain Relief Cream.

Mr. Woolery, who has recently appeared as a spokesperson in a radio commercial campaign for the pain relief cream, began using Australian Dream to treat his own minor arthritis pain. Mr. Woolery was so satisfied by the results he experienced with product, he decided to invest in the company.

Australian Dream is a topical pain relief cream that works with your body’s natural pain relief process, vasodilation, to relieve the aches and pains of arthritis. Unlike most other topical pain relievers on the market, Australian Dream is odorless, does not burn, and leaves no greasy feeling behind. Nature’s Health Connection is so confident in the product’s effectiveness, they back it with an Empty Jar Guarantee — a confidence that Chuck Woolery shares.

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