Gain partners up with Sabrina Soto for 'Scent-ervention' contest

CINCINNATI Gain has teamed up with HGTV host Sabrina Soto to bring a Home "Scent-ervention" contest to its consumers, where one lucky winner will receive a home makeover.

Gain scent lovers can enter to win a "Scent-ervention" with Sabrina Soto by visiting or Gain's official Facebook page. The launch of the "Scent-ervention" contest coincides with Gain's expansion from the laundry room into the kitchen and beyond with new Gain dishwashing liquid and Febreze with Gain scented products.

Gain dishwashing liquid now is available at select retail locations with nationwide distribution beginning in August. It is available in four varieties including: Original, lavender, citrus splash and Apple Mango Tango within a suggested retail price range of $1 to $3.50 per bottle. Beginning in August, Febreze with Gain original scent will be available in Fabric Refresher, Air Effects, candles and Noticeables refills. Suggested retail price ranges from $1.99 to $8.99. Actual retail price is up to the discretion of individual retailers.

"We truly understand the passion that people have for scent, and we're thrilled to offer our fans new products in the matching scents of Gain," said Paul Vraciu, North America Gain brand manager. "With Sabrina's help, we're excited to help people across the country discover new ways to enhance their at-home scent experience."

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