Fuse Science earns 'Best New Product' honors at latest ECRM VMS conference

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Fuse Science's new products ElectroFuse and PowerFuse were named "Best New Products" by retailers attending ECRM's Diet, Vitamin and Sports Nutrition conference here earlier this month. 

The two product, both of which carry the NSF International's Certified for Sport designation, were launched in December. ElectroFuse provides oral electrolyte delivery formula for athletes which Fuse believes will facilitate less cramping and stronger performance throughout activity due to reduced depletion of electrolyte in the system. PowerFuse is Fuse’s first energy formula in a “drop." 

According to the company retailers were impressed with the sublingual delivery technology and Fuse Science's marketing commitment behind the product launch. Already, Fuse Science has secured sports celebrity endorsers including PGA champion Tiger Woods and David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox. 

The "Best New Products" ECRM recognition is sponsored by the DSN Group. Retailers attending the conference are polled to report the new product they're most excited about that they've seen at the conference. 

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