Fruth Pharmacy launches mobile app

App, mobile website created under partnership with Mscripts

POINT PLEASANT, W.Va. — Fruth Pharmacy has launched a new mobile app and mobile website, the retail pharmacy chain said Tuesday.

Fruth, based in Point Pleasant, W.Va., said the app would allow customers to refill prescriptions, receive pickup and dosage reminders and locate stores and find weekly specials. Starting in three months, Fruth prescription bottles will include a 4-in. QR code to allow quick refills by scanning them with the app.

"Fruth's mobile pharmacy solution is a logical extension of our commitment to family care," Fruth president and CEO Lynne Fruth said. "Our customers' mobile phones will make it possible to manage prescriptions for the entire family and access a wide range of our pharmacy services."

The app and mobile website operate on a network created by San Francisco-based Mscripts, and the app is available for download from the Apple Store, Android Market or

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- 8:39 AM
PharmacyPodcast says

Well done Ms Lynne Fruth! When I created the Pharmacy Podcast Show - I could see the relevance in mobile technologies. Mobile technologies are the future "touch" with patient-customers. In the near future, we are moving towards touch-contextual computing. Two scientists from Georgia Tech Anind Dey and Gregory Abowd have studied this shift in communications. With handheld mobile phone-computers as an ALWAYS part of our life - we have the opportunity to be able to sense the objective and subjective aspects of a given situation, we can acces so much information fast documenting - where we are, who we’re with, and our past experiences. These are our sixth, seventh, and eighth senses. Mobile devices with GPS deliver location-based services, which sets a baseline for the many ways your phone can gather information it will use to make your life easier down the line. Facebook’s and Twitter’s valuations are premised on the notion that they can leverage knowledge of your acquaintances and interests to push out relevant content and market to you in more effective ways. Lynne - if you're team would like to expand the topic contact the show: PHARMACY PODCAST SHOW

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