Fresh & Easy expands gluten-free offerings

Chain currently boasts more than 500 products

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — Regional supermarket chain Fresh & Easy said that it is augmenting its gluten-free products range and will highlight the new offerings in stores through additional displays.

The company said it has added 15 to 30 new gluten-free items to its stores. Fresh & Easy currently boasts more than 500 products that do not contain naturally occurring gluten ingredients.

“We’re excited to give our customers what they’ve been asking for by expanding our range of gluten-free products and making them easier to find in our stores,” said Denise Webster, food scientist at Fresh & Easy. “Whether people are suffering from celiac disease or just want to cut gluten out of their diet, Fresh & Easy is a place where they can get great-tasting, affordable food made without gluten-containing ingredients.”

Last year, the retailer introduced more gluten-free items, created a labeling system for the products and added a list of all gluten-free products on its website,

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