Fresh & Easy expands Farm to Store in 24 program

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. More produce will arrive at Fresh & Easy stores with the expansion of the retailer's partnership with local growers.

Fresh & Easy said it will expand its Farm to Store in 24 program, in which additional fruit and vegetables will arrive in less than 24 hours, getting the freshest produce possible to its customers in the shortest amount of time.

To let customers know when produce is available on shelves within 24 hours from leaving the farm where it's grown, Fresh & Easy places a special logo on Farm to Store in 24 products. The company also recently created a video about the program, available to view on YouTube:

"Getting produce from the farm to the store in 24 hours or less is an incredibly tricky task, which makes it important to partner with strong local growers who share our commitment to quality produce," said Justin Hill, Fresh & Easy's produce manager. "We are working closely with these growers here to put in the extra care required to expand our Farm to Store in 24 offerings whenever we can."

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