Franklin debuts new portable speaker systems line

BURLINGTON, N.J. Franklin Electronic Publishers will launch this week its Roadie portable speaker systems, designed for customers on the go.


The three-piece modular design allows the user to stack and tailor the device to his or her specific needs regardless of location, Franklin said of its three-module speaker system and two-way communicator for mobile professionals. The three-piece modular products include:

  • The base Roadie speaker - A USB-powered speaker with a built-in microphone that plugs into any audio device, such as a mobile phone, MP3 player, computer, etc.;
  • The Roadie Unplugged portable speaker systems EVS-3000 - A second module consisting of a rechargeable battery, SD card slot and MP3 player for a self-contained listening experience not requiring any separate audio device; and
  • Roadie Amp'd portable speaker system EVS-4000 - A third module consisting of an equalizer and a high-frequency tweeter plus AC power to enable a second amplifier stage for an even more thunderous sound.



On its own, the base Roadie portable speaker systems EVS-2000 will retail for $49.99. A combination with the second center module, Roadie Unplugged portable speaker systems EVS-3000, will retail for $79.99. And the Roadie Amp'd portable speaker system EVS-4000 with all three modules together will be sold for $99.99.



"At Franklin, we have always been known for our development of innovative travel products, such as translators. We're always thinking about how we can better serve our travelers. This flexible, robust and portable communication system is our answer," said Barry Lipsky, Franklin's president and CEO.


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