Four-time NBA champion John Salley to headline VirMax at industry event

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Four-time NBA champion John Salley will be heading here next week to attend the ECRM Vitamin, Diet and Sports Nutrition conference in support of Natural Product Solutions. 

Salley is NPS' spokesman for VirMax, a line that consists of five supplement products that are formulated to benefit health levels of testosterone, a healthy prostate and other men’s health issues.

Last fall, NPS announced the launch of VirMax T, a testosterone booster. After age 30, a large percentage of men begin to experience a gradual decline in testosterone levels, and these levels continue to decrease with age. Testosterone plays a key role in the development of reproductive tissues, such as the testis and prostate, and it can contribute to an increase in muscle and bone mass.

VirMax T was designed to help naturally restore testosterone levels within the body, and its proprietary blend includes magnesium, tribulus and LJ100, an extract of the Tongkat ali herb. These ingredients also maintain normal muscle and nerve functions and help improve intimacy health.

VirMax products are currently in more than 20,000 locations, including 7-Eleven, Walgreens, Meijer, the Defense Department Commissaries and Circle K, among others.

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