Four Canada Safeway stores to receive Tim Hortons coffee outlets

CALGARY, Alberta Canada Safeway will be introducing four store-within-a-store Tim Hortons coffee outlets in December here and across Western Canada, the Calgary Herald reported Wednesday morning. The new outlets mark a new partnership with Tim Hortons, a Canada Safeway spokeswoman told the Herald, and should not impede Canada Safeway’s existing partnership with rival Starbucks.

“In this market and in many markets, Starbucks has multiple locations in very close proximity to each other,” Betty Kellsey, public affairs manager at Canada Safeway, told the paper. “What we've learned in many cases where there's multiple Starbucks locations: You tend to share the business between the Starbucks,” she said. “We remain committed to our relationship with Starbucks … and we are looking forward to offering coffee alternatives to Safeway customers in markets where Starbucks is already well-represented.”

There presently are 27 Starbucks within Calgary Safeway stores.


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