Forest Hills, N.Y., pharmacy launches July 4th health program for adults

FOREST HILLS, N.Y. — Nina Shamayeva, owner of Austin Pharmacy in Forest Hills, N.Y., is launching a health initiative aimed at adults to "Help America be Pain-Free."

Austin Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy that provides the service to create different mixtures and proportions of ingredients that make up a prescription. Generic medications do not necessarily work well with all body conditions, and thus a compounding pharmacy could tailor-make the medication such that it works specifically for an individual.

As part of celebrating July 4th, Shamayeva will compound natural pain-relieving glucosamine — a natural vitamin that can relieve joint pain and stiffness without any side effects, unlike conventional arthritis prescriptions — and she will give a two-months' free supply to local residents.

According to Shamayeva, patients who suffer from pains in the body joints all too often turn to high dose of steroidal anti-inflammatory agents that could only provide temporary pain-relief with no cure of the problematic areas.

“We all know that when we are energetic and healthy, our creativity is better. We handle work stress better. And since working is very much a big part our lives, it is important to be pain-free while we are producing and keeping up with our activities," Shamayeva said.

In addition to this being a no-strings-attached giveaway, anyone who receives the glucosamine also could receive a pain-relieving cream that can neutralize pain and inflammation called "Penetran Plus."

“I would like Americans to know that there are natural ways to relieve pain. And they could do something about their health and improve it. After all, being healthy means more money, love and confidence to reach for one's goals,” Shamayeva said.

Austin Pharmacy will carry out this program from now throughout July. The program will end on July 26.

Details of the "Help Americans to be Pain-Free" program and other community events can be found online at:

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