Food Lion announces lower price strategy

SALISBURY, N.C. Food Lion rolled out a new initiative to help customers save on their favorite items throughout its stores.

Over the next several weeks, customers will see lower prices throughout the store, in addition to weekly savings on promotional items with the company's MVP loyalty card. The company is lowering prices on various products throughout its stores in such categories as milk, bread, produce, meat, juice, cereal, canned goods, detergent, paper products and pet food.

"Food Lion has a long-standing heritage of delivering low prices to its customers," said Cathy Green, president of the Food Lion family of banners. "In today's economic environment, we know price, more than ever, matters to our customers. We estimate customers can save up to 25 to 30% on their total grocery bill by taking advantage of new, lower prices, as well as MVP promotions. We have always helped our customers save on their groceries and now we are helping customers save even more through our new, lower prices."

"Our actions [today] demonstrate our commitment to continuing to distinguish Food Lion as a low price leader in the markets we serve," said James Egan, Food Lion SVP. "We want to serve our customers by having great prices, quality products, delivering great service and providing convenient locations."

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