Food Channel predicts top 10 beverage trends

CHICAGO — The Food Channel has identified the top beverage trends for the year with help from CultureWaves, the International Food Futurists and Mintel.

After gathering information from readers' responses to a beverage trend survey posted on its website, the Food Channel outlined the following trends:

  1. D.I.Y. flavor: Taking flavor matters into our own hands;

  2. Parental discretion advised: Lots of buzz around beverages and kids;

  3. Iced coffee is scalding hot: Consumption of this cold caffeinated beverage has heated up;

  4. For medicinal purposes only: No shortage of ways to "drink to your health;"

  5. Sipping seasonally and simply: Making a more conscious effort to drink locally;

  6. Fast food beyond the fizz: Specialty drinks are getting as much play as burgers and fries;

  7. Craft beers: Sales of craft brews are seeing double-digit increases;

  8. Bourbon booming: The retro revival of the classic cocktail;

  9. Show biz: Beverages are being offered more starring roles; and

  10. Drinking ourselves thin: Need to enjoy drinks without drinking in the extra calories.

"Our Food Channel beverage survey confirmed what we've seen in the marketplace," the Food Channel VP and editor-in-chief Kay Logsdon said. "It indicated we're drinking more water these days, although we like to dress it up a little. And, it told us that coupons have little or no influence on whether we purchase a beverage at a fast food restaurant."

Click here to view the full results.

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