Focus Boost launches signature brain function supplement into U.S. market

NEW YORK — Focus Boost on Friday announced the launch of its signature brand into the U.S. market. A national advertising campaign in support of the launch will kick off in the pages of Psychology Today, the company added. 

Focus Boost has been created from a blend of eight ingredients, including B vitamins and other nutrients that have been found to improve brain chemistry and energy production and reduce oxidative stress. Along with proper nutrition and adequate sleep, Focus Boost helps give those with stressful and busy physical and mental schedules the boost they need to perform on a consistent basis, the company stated. 

"While there is no substitute for adopting a healthier lifestyle, brain supplements are an important part of a comprehensive solution," the company stated. "This holistic dietary supplement contains a blend of brain healthy ingredients that strengthen cognition, memory and focus. The formulation also features nutrients that can enhance your physical and mental stamina, which can improve your ability to accomplish important goals."



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