FMI, Prevention magazine release 22nd annual survey tracking health and nutrition attitudes

CHICAGO — The Food Marketing Institute on Thursday launched its 22nd annual survey with Prevention that explores consumers’ health and nutrition attitudes. "'Shopping for Health' offers valuable shopper insights regarding the growing trend at retail to provide patient-centered care, specifically opportunities for pharmacy, nutrition and merchandising to come together as a support system in the supermarket aisles," explained Cathy Polley, FMI VP health and wellness and executive director, FMI Foundation, in a blog published Thursday

"The report details that nearly half of shoppers (44%) say they are buying more fresh ingredients now, up from 34% two years ago," Polley added. "One-third say they are buying more food based on nutritional components, and 31% say they are buying more foods with reduced or no calories/fat/sugar/salt." 

“It’s important to recognize that shoppers said they use multiple strategies to achieve healthy eating, so there are numerous pathways to a common goal," said Anne Alexander, SVP and editorial director for Prevention magazine. "Our research identified the top-three strategies as consuming fewer unhealthy food items (62% of respondents), preparing and cooking more healthy dishes (57%) and eating out less often (39%).”

The report also outlines which channels consumers are patronizing for their food shopping. In 2013, 64% of consumers shopped for food in a discount store, for example, versus 56% in 2007. "The increase has been driven mainly by quick trips for just a few food items, with the share of shoppers who usually do their quick fill-in shopping at discount stores up 8% since 2007," according to the report. "But convenience stores still lead as the top destination for quick trips, with 83% of shoppers utilizing them when they need to pick up just a few items."

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