FMI, GMA and NGA release universal digital coupon guidelines

WASHINGTON — The Food Marketing Institute, Grocery Manufacturers Association and National Grocers Association on Tuesday released guidelines designed to promote model practices in the “end-to-end” digital coupon process and reduce the incidence of coupon fraud.

“Retailers have long appreciated the popularity coupons have with consumers as a means of increasing their purchasing power,” added Leslie Sarasin, president and CEO of FMI. “Digital coupons add a welcomed high-tech layer of ease to the couponing adventure, but also introduce new possibilities of fraud that this set of guidelines seeks to address, keeping coupon use fair and simple for all consumers.”

“These guidelines are a win-win for manufacturers, retailers and consumers,” stated Pamela Bailey, president and CEO of GMA. “Manufacturers and retailers reduce costs by streamlining their coupon programs and reducing fraud, and consumers will have a better shopping experience in the store and at checkout.”  

“Couponing has seen unprecedented growth in the past decade, and digital coupons represent the fasting growing segment,” commented Peter Larkin, NGA president and CEO.  “These first-of-its-kind guidelines for digital coupons will become a go-to resource for the industry.”

Produced by the Joint Industry Coupon Committee, the Voluntary Guidelines for Digital Coupons provides model digital coupon practices in order to ensure a positive experience for consumers, proper settlement for retailers and effective and well-controlled promotions for manufacturers.

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