Fitango releases three-part child-immunization action plan

Plan designed to accommodate healthcare reform, busy parents

NEW YORK — Electronic health platform Fitango is creating a three-part action plan to support childhood immunizations, the company said Monday.

Fitango announced the release of its new series of Preventative Actionplans, broken up according to age, respectively titled "Tracking Your Child's Vaccinations (0 - 2)," "Tracking Your Child's Vaccinations (4 - 6)" and "Tracking Your Child's Vaccinations (7 - 18)."

The plans are designed to support healthcare reform regulations and also busy parents, and the company said it demonstrated the platform's focus on helping accountable care organizations establish a continuum of preventative and adherence measures, as well as actionable, measurable and interactive follow-up with patients to meet new quality measures required under healthcare reform.

"Prevention is one of Fitango's core values," Fitango CEO Dov Biran said. "Seventy-five percent of all healthcare costs go toward dealing with preventable illness. The Fitango revolution in American health starts with teaching people to stay well."

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