Fiery Fusion brings heat, flavor to Doritos, Cheetos brands

PLANO, Texas — Frito-Lay has introduced Fiery Fusion snacks for its Doritos and Cheetos brands.

The Fiery Fusion line amps up Frito-Lay's spicy snack portfolio, offering a unique combination of heat and flavor, the company said. The Fiery Fusion flavor blends cheese, herbs and spices, followed by a slow-burning heat derived from a combination of cayenne pepper, vinegar and paprika.

"Now more than ever, Doritos and Cheetos brand lovers are asking for really intense flavor experiences and spicy snacks that can offer more than just pure heat," Frito-Lay VP marketing Tony Matta said. "New Fiery Fusion snacks deliver both — a truly unique flavor built around a delicious fusion of different herbs, spices and cheese, followed by a tremendous surge of heat that sneaks up on you at just the right moment."

Cheetos Fiery Fusion snacks are available in 3.75-oz. bags, while Doritos Fiery Fusion snacks are available in 3.375-oz. bags. Both are offered at a suggested retail price of $1.49 each.

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