Few maintain partial dentures in good condition, survey finds

PITTSBURGH — GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare today released results from a new national survey of partial denture wearers revealing that while over half of survey respondents (58%) report that it's important to them to maintain the health of their teeth — more so than their diet (46%) or skin (11%) — more than one third (36%) of respondents did not change any of their behaviors within the first year of wearing their partial denture. Incidentally, the teeth on either side of a partial denture are twice as likely to be lost compared to other teeth in a partial denture wearer's mouth.

PDWs make up almost six percent (18.5 million people) of the U.S. adult population; the average PDW is only 40 years old. While the health of PDWs' existing teeth is deeply important to them, and they don't want to face the trauma of more tooth loss, survey results revealed that few are doing enough to ensure that their partial denture is always in good condition.

"Partial dentures impact many dimensions of a person's life, including appearance, relationships and confidence," said Ekaterina Kletter, brand manager, GSK Consumer Healthcare. "These survey results revealed that more than half of the survey respondents (51%) say that their confidence/self-esteem has been negatively impacted by wearing a partial denture. What many people don't know is that taking proper care of your partial denture is a big step to preserving a healthy smile."

With all these factors weighing in, more than half (51%) of PDWs agree that losing teeth has made them try to take better care of their teeth. Although some of the PDWs have changed their dental health habits after tooth loss to prevent further damage of their natural teeth, they have failed to implement the same routines with their partial denture. Many people may not know that proper care of a partial denture is an important part of a good oral healthcare routine. Just recently, Polident and Poligrip have introduced a new line of products designed especially for PDWs:

  • Poligrip Denture Adhesive For Partials Seal and Protect stabilizes the partial denture and helps create a snug, firm-yet-comfortable fit to reduce movement against the gums and teeth next to the partial;
  • Polident Denture Cleanser for Partials Clean and Protect is specifically formulated to clean partial dentures without scratching the soft denture material, unlike regular toothpaste. The unique formula releases active oxygen to help kill 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria.

"Many people are not aware of the effect that partial dentures can have on existing teeth," Kletter said. "Partial denture wearers are almost twice as likely to lose the teeth next to their partial denture, compared to the rest of their remaining teeth. It's important to be educated about how to properly care for your partial denture to help protect your remaining teeth."

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