FDA: Dietary supplements distributed bear close resemblance to popular antibiotic

TUCKER, Ga. — A recent Food and Drug Administration inspection prompted the recall of dietary supplements distributed by Multi-Mex Distributor, the company announced Monday. According to an FDA post, the supplements in question bore a close resemblance to antibiotics available in Mexico and may have been confusing to Hispanic consumers.

Warnings of these dietary supplements made news in Texas on April 28, when four children were taken to a medical center due to worsening illnesses after being given dietary supplements that their parents may have believed were antibiotics. Giving the dietary supplement delayed legitimate medical treatment, the FDA reported.

“Although the labels were printed in English and Spanish, the packaging appears to be an intentional marketing ploy to mimic antibiotics and directed at Hispanic buyers,” the agency stated. “It was determined the children had been given a dietary supplement, Amoxilina, which the parents may have believed was the antibiotic amoxicillin.”

The products were distributed in the following states: Georgia, Tennessee, California, Illinois, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Colorado and Indianapolis.

For a listing of the universal product codes, click here.

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