FDA approves Medtronic continuous glucose monitoring system

iPro2 wins regulatory approval

MINNEAPOLIS — The Food and Drug Administration has approved a professional glucose monitoring system made by Medtronic, the company said.

Medtronic announced the approval of iPro2, a continuous glucose monitoring system that it said would enable healthcare providers to obtain "a more complete picture of glucose control for the patients they treat." Healthcare providers use professional continuous glucose monitoring to detect changes in blood sugar that can lead to dangerous health complications related to diabetes but often go unnoticed with traditional A1C tests and glucose meter measurements.

"My vision is to make an iPro2 evaluation part of routine visits for many of my patients with diabetes," said David Huffman, a physician at University Diabetes and Endocrine Consultants, one of the centers that participated in a clinical study of the iPro2. "I find it particularly helpful in identifying repeated glucose lows at night and glucose highs after meals, issues that a near-normal A1C does not reveal."


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