Fashion Angels launches two new 'Project Runway' design kits for fashion-forward tweens

MILWAUKEE — Tweens can be the star of their very own "Project Runway" with Fashion Angels' two new additions to its line of fashion design and style kits: Project Runway Tapeffiti Fashion Design Challenge and Project Runway Models to the Runway.

Fashion Angels partnered with ACI Licensing in 2008 to develop a fun way for tweens to express their love of fashion by creating their own designs and styles. Based on "Project Runway" — the reality TV show in which aspiring fashion designers compete for a chance to launch their own line of clothing — the kits offers kids the ability to sketch, make patterns, construct garments and accessorize.

"Our new kits take tweens on the entire journey from their own fashion ideas to creating outfits that are runway ready," said Bill Uzell, EVP of Fashion Angels. "Kids can create almost any outfit that they can imagine, and in some of the kits, they can proudly present their work."

With the new Project Runway Tapeffiti Fashion Design Challenge kit, tweens can design up to 15 outfits by using Tapefitti — a kid-friendly version of the duct tape fashion fad —  and following 24 different dress patterns, which have color-coded markings indicating where kids can cut and "sew" pieces together. The final creations can be displayed on three dress form figures or on a 12-in. miniature mannequin.

The Project Runway Models to the Runway set allows tweens to create up to 50 different outfits with clothing and accessory stencils and decorative fashion papers, and then customize them with stickers, glitter paints and Tapeffiti. Tweens can showcase their creations by "dressing" the 10 different paper doll supermodels and guiding them down the pop-up runway, complete with a mini spotlight.

Both kits are sold nationwide for $31.99 and are recommended for ages 8 years and older.

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