FaceLube takes skin care where the men are

LOS ANGELES — FaceLube is a new men's grooming and skin care line that is hitting shelves this summer, but you won't find it in the typical beauty aisle or department store counter. FaceLube says it is going where the "masculine" men go to pamper their ride — from neighborhood quick oil change centers to new car dealerships.

FaceLube is designed to blend into the automotive environment and does not use traditional female-centric beauty terms, the manufacturer stated. The packaging resembles a high-end synthetic motor oil bottle, and the logo resembles a motor oil spot.

"FaceLube is built from the ground up for masculine men. Men's motivation for taking care of their skin is different than women's. Proper masculine men's skin care isn't about looking pretty or young — it's about looking good, for that extra edge over the competition," stated Candace Chen, founder of FaceLube, who has 20 years in the automotive industry. "He's entitled to high-performance men's skin care and grooming products that are aligned with his masculine nature and available at retail environments that are comfortable for and familiar to him."

To resolve the stigma often attached to the use of face creams and anti-aging skin care products as a female beauty ritual, FaceLube aims to communicate with men by using "car talk" to educate men about the need for proper anti-aging skin care. FaceLube not only draws analogies from vehicle maintenance services, but also drives the point home by cross-promoting FaceLube products with such automotive maintenance services as oil changes and auto details.

FaceLube's three-step system for men's skin care includes a cleaner, treatment and protectant.

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