EyeScience launches computer eye strain formula

COLUMBUS, Ohio — EyeScience on Thursday introduced a new eye vitamin for those who spend their work day staring at a computer screen in an effort to help prevent and alleviate vision problems associated with computer vision syndrome.

"With more than 70% of computer users suffering from computer vision syndrome, this new vitamin marks a significant leap in reducing eye strain and eye fatigue symptoms caused by many hours of computer use," EyeScience Labs president and CEO Jeff Northup said. "The ingredients in our formula help improve symptoms associated with tiredness, soreness, dryness and blurry vision."

"Sitting in front of the computer for an extended amount of time and having multiple electronics or mobile devices shifts the way our bodies communicate on a number of levels, but particularly our eyes, which many people tend to overlook," he continued. "Our Computer Eye Strain Formula addresses new health side effects in a digital age and finally gives people who suffer from eye fatigue a vitamin supplement resource to help improve this troublesome and sometimes painful inconvenience."

Some of the symptoms of computer vision syndrome include squinting, eye fatigue, headaches, distorted color perception, sensitivity to glare, blurry/double vision and dry, itchy, watery eyes.

"We believe that computer eye strain formula is ideal for people who spend much of the day looking at computer screens or other digital devices," Northup said. "This may be for personal or professional reasons and can be applied to anyone working in digital media, music, entertainment and gaming, to engineers, accountants, bloggers or editors. Simple personal use ranging from Facebook to browsing the mobile Web or using our iPads and cell phones in the dark can take a toll on our eyes."

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