Expert claims vitamins in soda present in very low amounts

PHILADELPHIA A U.S. expert in pharmagosy—the science of studying drug substances of natural origin—has said that vitamins in soft drinks are a gimmick.

Ara DerMarderosian of the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia warned that unlike supplements in encapsulated form, vitamins in soda are not stable and of little value.

“The shelf life and stability of vitamins in soda is low. Carbonated drinks are mildly acidic, and water-soluable vitamins will break down over time,” DerMarderosian said in a statement. “If you’re trying to get your vitamins from soda you’ll probably spend a lot of money and still not get significant amounts.”

Vitamins in soda, he added, break down at a faster rate when the beverage is not refrigerated. The vitamin concentrations in sodas are usually minute to begin with, and certainly not high enough to make soda the sole source.

To get needed vitamins, DerMarderosian said consumers should be drinking such beverages as orange juice or green tea and eating fruits and vegetables along with a variety of meats and fish which contain the essential nutrients they need to reach the recommended daily values.”

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