Excedrin excels post-relaunch

Excedrin relaunched in the United States in 2013 and is doing well. The brand generated $130 million between its Excedrin tablets and Excedrin Migraine tablets for the 52 weeks ended June 15 across total U.S. multi-outlets, according to IRI. With those two SKUs combined, Excedrin is the No. 4 internal analgesic on the market, with strong momentum propelling the brand closer to No. 3 Bayer.

(For the complete category review, including data, click here.)

In 2014, three pillars are driving Excedrin’s continued growth, according to Julien Armilhon, Novartis spokeswoman. The first pillar is the company’s commitment to its retail partners. Second, beginning in February, Novartis launched a distinctive advertising campaign on the headache segment that emphasized the fast-relief effect of Excedrin.

The third pillar involves Novartis’ Migraine SKU. The company recently teamed with neurologists to create the My Migraine Triggers app, a free migraine tracking tool. It’s an interactive migraine diary that provides the user with reports to help understand which factors are associated with the onset of a migraine.

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