Evenup device offers 'lift' to patients wearing a fracture boot

BUFORD, Ga. — "I can't wear this thing." That's the sentiment from some patients when their doctor presents a fracture boot to them after a leg injury. Most often, it's not simply an aesthetic choice. The slight discrepancy in leg length while wearing a fracture boot can cause patients intolerable pain and discomfort. The removable, reusable and adjustable Evenup shoelift equalizes the induced limb-length discrepancy caused by fracture walkers, cast boots or a thick-soled wound-healing shoe.

Evenup is a new and innovative product that helps reduce strain of the knees, hips and back often associated with walking in a fracture boot, wound-healing shoe or cast. When you apply an Evenup to the opposite foot, you're guaranteed to reduce strain and feel better. Evenup helps prevent back, hip and knee injury by leveling a person's gait.

The Evenup comes in three sizes to fit almost every shoe size, and can be used on both the right and left feet. You can easily adjust the height of the Evenup from 1-cm to a 2-cm lift.

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