Erik Wahl keynote to close out Cardinal Health RBC 2016

Cardinal Health RBC will host an eccentric keynote speaker as part of its closing session on Saturday, July 23 — just before attendees head home to implement all of the new tools they gained at this year’s conference in Chicago. Author, speaker, entrepreneur and graffiti artist, Erik Wahl comes to the Windy City with a reputation for getting business leaders to “unthink” everything they’ve ever thought about their customers and patients, recasting their focus to inspire new opportunities and reinvigorate business operations.

After an eight-year career as a partner in a corporate firm, Wahl became frustrated by the lack of innovative thought — and corresponding profits — that he saw in the business sector. So, he set out on a career to challenge companies to change their way of thinking.

Wahl now is a popular corporate keynote speaker who has presented before executives of some of the leading business operators in the country, including AT&T, Disney, London School of Business, Microsoft, FedEx, Exxon Mobil and Ernst & Young. His best-selling business book, “Unthink: Rediscover Your Creative Genius,” has been heralded by Forbes Magazine as the blueprint to actionable creativity and by Fast Company Magazine as provocative with a purpose.

During his RBC presentation, Wahl will literally paint an image on a canvas before the audience that will seamlessly become a metaphor to the core of his message — encouraging attendees toward profitability through innovation and superior levels of performance.

“At what age did that creative river that once did flow so freely, effortlessly, through each and everyone of us; at what age do you think it started to dry up?” Wahl asked the audience in one of his previous presentations. “Pablo Picasso said every child is an artist. The challenge, ultimately, is how to remain an artist once we grow up," he said. “How to retain that childlike passion, that childlike ability to differentiate, to creatively solve challenges and ultimately plug it back into your adult life, your retail business, your connection to consumer. To stop selling and start engaging."

Rethinking, or “unthinking,” the approach to a business could be the creative spark needed to truly connect with the consumer and wholly differentiate a community pharmacy from the competition. According to Wahl, never before have retailers had the kind of blank canvas that could be colored with a positive message and disseminated so quickly before a wide audience.

After all, business is social, Wahl noted in a previous presentation. And the future of the economy is going to be social. Those who are able to build trust through their brand and amplify it through social channels are better equipped to be able to succeed in the future, he said.

This is truly one event attendees of the conference won’t want to miss. In addition, to watching Erik paint his message, attendees will have the chance to win his artwork during the RBC 2017 kick-off party immediately following his session.  

Cardinal Health RBC 2016 will take place in Chicago at McCormick Place West from July 20 to 23. Click here to register or explore this year’s agenda.

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