Eos sales benefit from TV campaign, multiple store placements

Eos, the Evolution of Smooth, a line of niche fashion-savvy lip balms, has been flying off of retail shelves lately, generating almost $85.5 million in brand sales on triple-digit growth — 125.2% to be exact — for the 52 weeks ended Jan. 26 across total U.S. multi-outlets, according to IRI. Sales of overall lip balm/treatments totaled $650.4 million, up 15.8%, for the period.

A lot of those sales came before the company introduced a national $10 million television campaign beginning in October. So it’s not only the TV spot that’s helping to fuel eos’ growth spurt. Rather it’s the multiple placements of the revolutionary lip balm format — the ball shape broke the mold for the typical stick lip balms — including at check out, a secondary placement in skin care and, of course, in-line with other lip balms. “These multiple points of interruption help to drive the business,” Scott Pakula, EVP sales of eos, told DSN.” [They’re] helping to expose the product to more and more people.”

The ball format sells well outside traditional spikes like the cough-cold season — for example, it’s included in Easter baskets, according to Pakula.

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