Enzymatic launches ActiFruit cranberry supplement

KEARNY, N.J. Enzymatic Therapy recently announced the launch of its ActiFruit line with Cran-Max Cranberry Supplements, including both a one-per-day soft chew and 30-count capsules.


“ActiFruit with Cran-Max delivers the ultra-concentrated power of cranberries in an easy, one-per-day dose,” stated Matt Schueller, senior vice president of marketing for Enzymatic Therapy. “The ActiFruit chews are a break-through product. It’s rare to find a supplement that’s really effective, but tastes like a delicious fruit treat.”



“Cran-Max is the only cranberry supplement supported by two published studies and is the first one-per-day supplement on the market,” stated Dean Mosca, president of Proprietary Nutritionals, the company that markets Cran-Max.



According to the company, one ActiFruit soft chew equals the antioxidant power of seven glasses of cranberry juice cocktail. The supplement supports bladder and urinary tract health and fights free radicals with beneficial antioxidants.


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