Energy Star status awarded to 18 Giant Eagle locations

CHICAGO In 2007, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency awarded Energy Star status to 176 office buildings, schools, hospitals, banks, hotels, supermarkets and college dormitories, including 18 Ohio Giant Eagle locations, in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin, the agency announced Friday.

“These buildings are among the nation’s top energy savers,” stated EPA Region 5 administrator Mary Gade. “They use about one-third less energy than average buildings, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions and saves money.”

Nationally, nearly 4,100 buildings and manufacturing plants had earned EPA’s Energy Star through the end of 2007. The total includes about 1,500 office buildings, 1,300 supermarkets, 820 schools and 250 hotels. Also, more than 185 banks, financial centers, hospitals, courthouses, warehouses, dormitories and big-box retail buildings earned the Energy Star. More than 35 manufacturing plants such as cement, auto assembly, corn refining and petroleum refining are also being recognized.

In total, these award-winning commercial buildings and manufacturing plans have saved nearly $1.5 billion annually in lower energy bills and prevented carbon dioxide emissions equal to the emissions associated with electricity use of more than 1.5 million American homes for a year, relative to typical buildings.

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