Energy drink receives celebrity attention

NEW YORK Fyxx Hybrid Energy Drink, a new energy water, has said that its presence at movie openings has helped drum up enthusiasm from the Hollywood crowd.

Fyxx made appearances at the premiere of the film Sleuth in November and this month had a presence at the premiere of Red Belt. Because of its high profile event-crashing, movie stars and other celebrities are taking note of the new energy drink, the company claimed.

The company said in a recent media release that Randy Foye, player for the Minnesota Timberwolves, also endorses the beverage.

Fyxx Hybrid Energy Drink fuses spring water and caffeine to create a light, zero-calorie/zero-carb energy water. The makers of Fyxx claim that it provides a “powerful kick without the crashing.”

Fyxx Hybrid Energy Drink is sold in the New York metropolitan area and in New Jersey. It is also available through the Web site,

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