Energy drink Celsius hits Virginia Walgreens shelves with promotions

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. The energy drink Celsius now is available in more than 45 area Walgreens stores in Norfolk, Va., Celsius announced Thursday, and has a new distributor in the area in Atlantic Dominion.

The product can be found in Walgreens at side panel displays next to the beverage cooler or chilled in the cooler, the company stated.

The regional placement includes in-store promotions that include a chance to win tickets to Norfolk Tides, a minor-league affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles, tickets to Norfolk Admirals, the American Hockey League affiliate of the NHL's Tampa Bay Lightning or tickets to sporting events at one of the several colleges in the area-Old Dominion University, Hampton University or Norfolk State.

Celsius will be tagged in area stadiums, on banners, scoreboard ads and radio ads airing on ESPN Radio and Redskins Radio.

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