Energizer presents latest innovations at trade show

BERLIN — Energizer's latest portable power solutions are making their debut at the IFA Consumer Electronics Global Trade Show in Berlin this week.

The brand's power-on-the-go lineup includes:

  • The Energizer portable charger product line's new design, which includes both black and white color choices on all the universal chargers, including the compact XP1000 and XP2000 that provide emergency power for smartphones, MP3 players and more. The new design and color options also are available for XP4000, the new XP4003, XP8000 and XP18000 but with upgraded technology to handle 5 volt, 2 amp requirements for accommodating tablets, and still power game devices, laptops, netbooks and more;

  • The Energizer SP1001 solar charger, which combines hybrid power (solar or AC) and an integrated carabiner clip for a single, on-the-go solution for cell phones, smartphones and MP3 players that can be taken and used anywhere;

  • Energizer AP750, a follow-up to the popular AP650, which adds extra talk time for just about any micro-USB smartphone. The compact size and slim shape makes this back-up battery easy to carry in a pocket or on a key ring and a convenient way to get additional talk time in a power pinch;

  • The Energizer AP1201 for the iPhone 4, the first silicone rubber case with built-in rechargeable battery, which offers nearly twice the power for iPhone 4 users. The one-piece, protective case provides power and style, while extending the talk time of the iPhone 4 (up to 9.8 hours on a 2G network or 4.8 hours on 3G network), tune time (up to 28 hours), Internet time (up to 7 hours) and standby time (up to 210 hours); and

  • The Energizer XP2000K and XP1000K travel kits offer all-in-one portable power for the home, car and all points in between. They each include a XP2000 or XP1000 power pack, four tips to fit popular handheld devices and AC/DC adapters, all form-fitted into a tough, weather-resistant case.

The products reflect consumers' "growing enthusiasm" for items that power popular high-tech devices, as well as continued interest in eco-inspired power, Energizer VP marketing Michelle Atkinson said.

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