Energizer Personal Care creates sun care division

ST. LOUIS, Mo. — In an effort to have an even greater impact on the sun care category, Energizer Personal Care has announced the establishment of its sun care division, which brings together sunscreen brands Banana Boat and Hawaiian Tropic, as well as its private-label brand, Alpha To Omega.

In a notice to the trade announcing the introduction of the sun care division, Energizer Personal Care also outlined several initiatives, including the recent launch of its Everyday Essentials Platform, greater sun care education and continued product innovation.

The Everyday Essentials platform is a unifying identity that brings together its brands and capabilities. According to the manufacturer, its Everyday Essentials will aim to change the way that people think about and shop for sun care products. It will partner with customers and industry thought-leaders to reimagine the way it develops, markets and builds the sun care category. Today, an estimated 62% of U.S. households don't protect their skin from the sun. By 2020, EPC's sun care division wants 1-in-2 people across North America to recognize sunscreen as an everyday essential.

The manufacturer also stressed its dedication to better understanding how people think about sun protection. In a shopper research study, it was discovered that 46% of consumers don't know how much sunscreen to apply, and 49% of consumers don't know how often to reapply sunscreen.

In light of these findings, the sun care company launched this summer the Banana Boat Sun 101 educational campaign in partnership with The Skin Cancer Foundation to help families learn how to best protect themselves from the sun. As part of the Sun 101 campaign, the company will donate $1, up to $101,000, to The Skin Cancer Foundation for each consumer who gets "Sun Certified" via a short online quiz.

It also is promoting responsible sun education through all of its Hawaiian Tropic communications channels, including Facebook and on the brand's website.

With regard to product innovation, new launches this year include Banana Boat Continuous Spray SPF 110, Banana Boat Baby and Kids Tear-Free Sting Free, as well as a new family-size pump bottle.

Building off of its brand revamp last year, Hawaiian Tropic has launched new Shimmer Effect lotion sunscreen and After Sun lotion. The Shimmer Effect Lotion sunscreen, available in SPF 20 and SPF 40, adds a hint of shimmer to enhance and highlight skin tone.

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