Energizer introduces new portfolio of lighting products

NEW YORK — Energizer is set to launch a new portfolio of lighting products this spring, the New York Times "Gadgetwise" blog reported today. The new line is expected to hit Target shelves in late March, followed by other mass merchandisers later on.

The line consists of four portable, multipurpose lanterns and flashlights that incorporate what the company calls “smart dimming technology,” essentially a dimmer switch that allows users to lower the intensity of the light and conserve battery life. The Energizer Folding Lantern (pictured above) uses light from tiny LEDs that are spread across a flat, plastic panel to provide 360 degrees of light.

The entire portfolio of lighting products uses “light fusion technology,” which distributes light uniformly through laser-etched acrylic panels.

Energizer claims the Folding Lantern output provides up to 300 lumens and can run for up to 100 hours, has a SRP of $40 and can run on four or eight AA batteries.

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