Emjoi expands portfolio with new pedicure, manicure attachments for home spa system

NEW YORK — Following the 2012 launch of its Micro-Pedi home pedicure tool, Emjoi is now adding two new attachments — the Micro-Pedi Precision Kit and the Micro-Pedi Manicure Kit — that will turn any Micro-Pedi into a complete foot and hand care system.

Both the Micro-Pedi Precision Kit and the Micro-Pedi Manicure Kit’s five different attachments are inserted to one side of the Micro-Pedi tool’s head into a special silver-tone roller, which spins them 30 times per second and, in the case of the Precision Cone model, 360 degrees.
For the feet, the Micro-Pedi Precision Cone (kit comprising of roller holder and three Precision Cone Rollers at $19.95 retail) is a small conical blue micro mineral roller that removes rough, hard-to-reach calloused skin in between and beneath toes.

For nail care on both hands and feet, the Micro-Pedi Manicure Kit (kit includes roller and five attachments at $19.95 retail) includes, in a travel case, a buffing tool to buff nails to a natural finish, a shaping tool to smooth nail surfaces, an emery tool to smooth and shape nails, a fine shaping tool to shape and contour the nails, and a cuticle pusher.

All Micro-Pedi products are available online at Emjoi.com and the Micro-Pedi itself at beauty stores, such as Sally Beauty, Ulta and coming soon to Bed Bath & Beyond. The base Micro-Pedi is priced at $39.95, with replacement rollers at $19.95.

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