Elmer Candy offers classic favorites in dark chocolate

PONCHATOULA, La. Elmer Candy announced Tuesday that its long-time Easter favorites are now being offered in dark chocolate along with their traditional milk chocolate counterparts.

Initially introduced in 1923, the Heavenly Hash Egg is a marshmallow, almond and chocolate confection.

The Gold Brick Egg recipe was created by Elmer’s in 1936 and is a combination of chopped pecans in a melt-away center enrobed in rich milk chocolate. The original Gold Brick Bar was introduced during the Depression with packaging designed to resemble gold bars of the U.S. Mint.

According to president and CEO Robert Nelson, the time was right to introduce dark chocolate versions of the treats.

“Heavenly Hash and Gold Bricks are Easter standard bearers along the Gulf Coast," Nelson said. "Yet, consumers are also increasingly interested in the dark chocolate flavor. The new recipes have been designed to accommodate a growing portion of the market.”

According to Information Resources Inc., the sales of Heavenly Hash and Gold Brick products represent about 21% of Easter candy sales along the Gulf Coast. In comparison, the top selling national Easter candy item has a 3% share in the area.

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