Elmer’s introduces ProBond Advanced adhesive

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A sticky situation just got stickier.

Elmer’s Products has introduced Elmer’s ProBond Advanced adhesive, which is being promoted as a multipurpose glue that’s as strong as a polyurethane competitor, but without the foamy mess.

“We developed ProBond Advanced in response to demand from consumers,” said Emily von Stein, associate product manager for Elmer’s hardware category. “They’ve told us that they don’t like the messy foam of polyurethane glues, but still need an adhesive that can provide heavy-duty adhesion on nearly any surface. ProBond Advanced satisfies that need and goes a step beyond by not only eliminating the annoying foam mess, but also being easy enough to clean with just water.”

ProBond Advanced works on wood, concrete, metal, glass, ceramics and more. It is 100% weatherproof, making it ideal for both interior and exterior projects. Unlike popular polyurethane glues, ProBond Advanced won’t foam up after it’s dry, thanks to its acrylic formulation. This saves DIYers, contractors and woodworkers the time and hassle of cleaning up their projects and hands after working.

The product comes in 2-, 4- and 8-ounce bottles at suggested retail price points of $4.99, $6.50 and $10.99, respectively.

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