EliteHealth launches senior-focused AI health companion

MIAMI — A recent sketch on “Saturday Night Live” envisioned a version of the Amazon Echo, called the Alexa Silver, which would serve as an artificial intelligence companion to seniors. South Florida’s EliteHealth is launching a new product that doesn’t make the fictional version seem far off.

The chain of medical wellness facilities focused on Baby Boomers and seniors has introduced Intelliwellness AVA, powered by Care Angel. AVA has been implemented as vital component of EliteHealth’s proprietary process of improving wellness in an effort to reduce hospital readmissions and enrich its patients’ lives. AVA can serve as a virtual nurse and health companion that can be operated through such voice-driven devices as smartphones or landlines.

“Artificial Intelligence is a crucial component to continuing the positive impact in wellness that we have seen in the health of the seniors we treat,” Elite Health CEO Dr. Steven Schnurs said. “We pride ourselves on offering the latest digital technologies to help our elderly patients. Artificial Intelligence allows the continuity of care to flow from the hospital, to the clinic and into the patients' homes, all with an equally high level of patient involvement. The SNL skit was very funny, but the truth is, AVA does exist and is showing spectacular early results as she acts as a medical companion for the elderly to improve health and reduce healthcare costs.”

EliteHealth members currently are using AVA as part of their 360-degree approach to reimagining the healthcare continuum. It can proactively engage patients with a short Care Call. It also can ask questions about a patient’s mental and physical wellbeing, collect vitals, remind patients to take their medication and deliver doctor instructions and health education. Over time, AVA will learn about the patient adapt their care plans automatically. It also can alert the patient’s care team when there’s a potential concern or immediate need, and is able to transfer the Care directly to EliteHealth’s Nurse Triage Line.

“By integrating our intelligent, engaging Virtual Nurse solution (ANGEL) into their Intelliwellness offering, [EliteHealth is] closing the gaps in care between visits,” Care Angel founder and CEO Wolf Shlagman said. “By harnessing AI and voice to scale effective interventions within patient populations, EliteHealth and other clients are seeing outstanding results. The solution is demonstrating lower financial and clinical risks and happier patients.”

EliteHealthCOO Dr. Perry Krichmar said, "Technological advancements are often not targeted for elderly patients because there is a false perception that technology is not useful for or relatable to seniors, as the SNL skit hilariously highlighted. The reality is that AVA Intelliwellness, medical companion has demonstrated positive results, and extends our customized healthcare for the elderly into our patients' homes and we couldn't be more excited.”

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