Efficacy Brands introduces placebo for children

BALTIMORE Start-up company Efficacy Brands launched its first product, a sugar pill called Obecalp (placebo spelled backwards), from its web site in March the company announced last week.

“As a new mommy of 3 children under the age of 14 months, I was amazed to learn of the massive overprescribing and lack of efficacy in children’s drugs.” stated Jennifer Buettner, Efficacy Brands’ chief executive officer. “Children, adults and seniors shouldn’t be given any type of drug when one is not needed. Until I invented Obecalp there weren’t any options. Now, with Obecalp, the medical authority figure, whether it be a doctor, nurse, or mommy can decide if medicine is needed. If not, Obecalp might just be the answer.”

Obecalp is sold as a chewable cherry tablet—a 50-count retails online for $5.95.

Other flavors of tablets including grape and orange will be available soon, the company stated, and plans to introduce cherry, grape and orange Obecalp liquid in the near future.

According to Efficacy, Obecalp does not contain artificial colors or flavors and is lactose free.

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