E.F. Bavis announces Bavis Solar Transaction Drawer

Environmentally friendly drawer designed for sustainability, low maintenance cost

CINCINNATI — E.F. Bavis and Associates has launched a solar-powered transaction drawer for banking and pharmacy drive-through lanes, the company said.

The Bavis Solar Transaction Drawer is a recent modification of its original, nonsolar drawer and part of its energy-saving product line. The drawer — designed to eliminate problems at drive-through windows, such as inability to reach transactions and poor audio communication — is for companies with an eye on environmental sustainability, but also saving, as the new drawer requires little maintenance and fewer replacement parts or service calls. In addition, virtually every component of the drawer is recyclable and is manufactured in the United States.

"Not only is it the world's first transaction drawer to earn UL-Listed certification as a solar pdocut, it is one of two products made by my company that recently earned UL-Listed certification as solar drive-through equipment," E.F. Bavis president William Sieber said. "Our other product is a remote delivery system for financial and pharmacy applications allowing customers to have a complete solar drive-through setup."

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